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The Pangani Housing Project is an initiative by the Nairobi City County Government in partnership with Tecnofin Kenya Limited to renew and re-create Pangani Estate by way of providing dignified and affordable homes for residents of Nairobi. In line with the realities of the time, Pangani Estate developed in the 1950s, accommodates 48 residents on a vast 5.2 acre property.

The County Government now aims at increasing the number of units on this property to meet the growing demand for housing in the city. Pangani is strategically located in close proximity of various key facilities including schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, malls, clubs and parks, police and fire station. In keeping with the historical race course heritage of the neighborhood, the site layout is derived from a horse shoe. This encloses a fun social condenser for multiple age groups in the form of an amenity rich central courtyard.

The large secure green space contributes to the green architecture and promotes both sustainability and freedom. The innovative social and affordable house concepts, are a clever interpretation of multi-functional ‘micro’ apartments whilst the open market three bedroom duplex apartments are efficient and roomy, all ensuite masterpieces. Pangani offers exceptional value across the board. Picture a bright Saturday morning, the singing of birds, the laughter of children, the lively engagements and peaceful calm. A true recreation of old neighbourhood ethos. Pangani is a place that you can call your own. A world class enclave of convenience and bliss. Welcome home.


  • One Bedroom Social House
  • One Bedroom Apartment
  • Two Bedroom Apartment
  • Two Bedroom Social House
  • Three Bedroom Apartment
  • Three Bedroom Duplex
  • Upper Floor





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